Linnea – Swedish Design is my business and my big passion. The background to why I started my business was that I felt, that today where almost everything can be mass produced cheaply overseas, I wanted take another path with a personal and somewhat unique approach to interior decorating. All my products, everything from my colourful cushions to my stylish art prints, are handmade, by me, in my Melbourne studio.

The process of creating a new product all starts with an idea and for me ideas and inspiration can come in many forms. I get a lot of inspiration from Sweden, to where I try to go back as often as I can, but also from the urban and edgy streets of Melbourne where I now live.

To get from idea to finished product I go through a few different steps, and they include drawing, cutting stencils, screen printing and sewing. All my products are screen printed by hand, which gives them that unique handmade feel.

I take great pride in the fact that I am responsible for all parts of the process involved in creating my products, from idea, to design, to finished product – there is no one else involved. This hands-on approach allows me to personalise designs and create unique pieces for any home.

I came to Australia, from Sweden, almost 10 years ago, and you will notice that I have a lot of Swedish influences in my designs. Even though my products now include everything from cushions, tote bags and tea towels to art prints and greeting cards, I want all my different products to have that “simple and stylish” feel so typical for Scandinavian design.  And the fact that my products are 100% handmade also means that I can make sure that the production has minimum impact on the environment, something that I’m very passionate about. 

To get inspiration and keep up with the latest interior design trends in Sweden, I read a lot of Swedish interior design blogs. Some of the blogs I’ve been following for years are:, and

What makes “Linnea – Swedish Design” unique is that all the products are designed, handmade and screen printed by me in my Melbourne studio. At Linnea – Swedish Design you will find stylish products to suit any home and I hope that my colourful creations will to brighten up your day.


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